Students Unite to Ignite Social Rights

       By Aaron Hansen
       Since the contentious 2016 election, young people all over the nation have been seeking ways to have their voices heard and much of that has resulted in political activism across college campuses.
Most recently, the University of Florida held a multi-media theatre piece called, “Voices from the March” which was put on by the UF College of the Arts, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and the UF Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research.
        Created from oral history narratives from the Women’s March on Washington along with the students responsible for documenting those that participated, Voices from the March was directed by Jeffrey Pufahl.
       A current student and a former student went on Saturday, January 27th and saw this theatre experience.
       “I loved it. It not only inspired me to participate in marches for social justice, it inspired me as an actor to put my all into our current plays. There was a very positive, non-judgmental atmosphere about it,” remarked Owen Tavares-Olivier, former LSSC Student. “It was probably one of the most liberating things I’ve ever experienced.”
    “It brought back my love of fighting for social justice and human rights. It was inspiring to see people of all different backgrounds come together to take a stand on something they all agreed and believed in,” gushed Kennedy Anthony, current LSSC student.
       As students seek representation in society today and work to create the world they want to see, demonstrations and innovative performances telling the stories of people will only continue to grow in number and in audience.
      To find out more about political activism on the Lake-Sumter campuses, we suggest checking out a meeting of the College Democrats or Republicans or reach out the Student Government Association (SGA ) on any campus and see how you can get involved!
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A Call For Help

        By Makou Lin

        They tell us only to run and hide. For they are armed, and you are not. You must wait in fear until someone comes and saves you. But that’s not TRUE! No situation is certain, and no future is clear. What seems like uncertainty, can be turn to courage. Courage to stand your ground, even in the face of death, can saves lives.
As an LSSC student, every new day is always filled with uncertainty. With dozens of daily visitors, students must know how to react when there is unusual activity on campus. That’s why LSSC has teamed up with ALICE Training Institute, giving the students the opportunity to attend an on-campus ALICE Training: Active Shooter Response Training Workshop. The training workshop will focus on providing students with proper emergency techniques and safety measures against intruders. Instructors will be guiding students through 4 stimulation-based drills, including: run and hide techniques, lockdown, barricading, and countering. Stimulation drills will partake in a classroom, aided with toy gun armed intruders, mimicking an intense intrusion. Students will learn and apply proper techniques in response to intruders, including but not limited to: calling 911, blocking entry, last resort counter method, and proper evacuation. Please be advised that the workshop’s realistic stimulations can be a trigger for people who suffer from PTSD. But students who wish to attend, but not partake in the stimulations, can safely do so in the safe zones provided.
With mandatory registrations, students can sign up for the event days following the e-mail sent out on their lake hawk mail, titled “Spring 2018 - Active Shooter Response Training Workshops”. With any questions or concerns, contact Linda Karp at Please note, the next ALICE training workshop is on March 28, 2018 at the South Lake Campus, building 2, room 101. No LSSC students should be left unprepared and left behind, take action today and ALICE trained.

ALICE Active Shooter Training Flyer

1:00 – 3:00 PM
Bldg. 2, Rm 101
Password: safelssc2
2:00 – 4:00 PM
Student Center, Rm 108
Password: safelssc3
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Bldg. 2, Rm 101
Password: safelssc1
2:00 – 4:00 PM
Student Center,
Rm 108
Password: safelssc5
1:00 – 3:00 PM
Clark-Maxwell Bldg.
Rm 4108
Password: safelssc4
·         Sign up by clicking on the date (hyperlink) you wish to attend
·         Use the password given for that event date to register
·         Questions or concerns, contact Linda Karp at
·         Needs a minimum of 8 to 10 people to run
·         Wearing of jeans, long-sleeved shirt, and closed-toe shoes or sneakers is advised
·         Please be aware that these realistic simulations can be a trigger for people who suffer from PTSD
·         A safe zone is provided for attendees that wish to observe but not be a part of the physical interaction
Presented by ALICE Certified Trainers: Linda Karp, Mark Duslak, Becky Nathanson, and Carolyn Scott
ALERT    |    LOCKDOWN    |    INFORM    |     COUNTER    |    EVACUATE
Carolyn A. Scott
Dean of Students
LSSC South Lake Campus
1250 N. Hancock Road
Clermont, FL  34711
(352) 243-5722 /
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Why You Shouldn't Drop Out Of College

  By Khrystyne Barnett

       College is an institution where you aim to receive higher education in hopes of a better life. What they don’t tell you is how stressful college is. College can bring out the worst and best of people. Sometimes the stress gets so bad that students start to wonder if college is really for them.  But, don’t worry; you have made the right decision! 
        College is tough for a reason, and that reason is to prepare you for what your career may entail. College is not only great for preparing, but also hidden with many different opportunities. In fact, opportunities are more present at colleges, then out in the real world. Companies are seeking young driven adults to make the next generation of leaders.
        Colleges also connects you with many different people that come from all walks of life. Meeting these people and becoming friends can help you learn new experiences, new lessons, and be educated about different cultures.
        College can help you make a better life for yourself in the long run. Having a college degree can increase your chances of earning a better income, working with what you love, and being able to express yourself.
        If you ever feel stressed or worried, and that you have made the wrong decision. Just think about why you wanted to go to college in the first place. Your passion will always be there, do what makes you happy.
Needing someone to talk to about your major and figuring out what suits you? Lake-Sumter’s Career Development Service is here to help. You can contact them or by phone: (352) 323-3603.

What is the Best Way to Live a Happy Life?

By Renata Gomes Martins

The Face with Tears of Joy emoji is the number one most used emoji in the world, according to Apple Inc. Happiness seems to be what we all want to convey; however, do we really know how we can be truly happy? Research shows that the happiness formula is rather simple.
These intriguing questions have been analyzed by psychologists for decades, and Shawn Achor, Psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University, has found the answer. According to Achor’s research, grateful and positive attitudes lead to happiness, which means that the best way to be happy is to be grateful. The idea is simple; we must stop focusing on what we don’t have, and instead, appreciate what we already have.
Thus, to start adjusting your perspective, simply write down three new things for which you are grateful each day. Achor has found that this simple task changes your brain’s chemistry and allows you to look at the world positively. Really, it is just that easy. Gratefulness is the secret to true happiness. So get your journal and reflect for a moment. What are your three reasons to be thankful today? You will be surprised with how much there is to appreciate.

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