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Never Forgotten: A Remembrance to those Wounded

Never Forgotten: A Remembrance to those Wounded By Makou Lin
As law enforcement officers continue to protect the community and Lake Sumter State College, they risk their lives to ensure a safe environment. But, who protects the officers when they, themselves, fall, become wounded, or unable to serve? Created by officers for officers, the Wounded Officers Initiative is a non-profit public organization who seeks to develop and establish national programs to “address the long-term needs of wounded law enforcement officers whose line of duty injuries have prevented them from continuing their law enforcement careers” (Mission).
Crystal Pierce, a local supporter of the Wounded Officers Initiative and a LSSC student, knows how dangerous the law enforcement field is and how important it is to support our officers. With violent crimes occurring every 25 seconds in the United States (2016 Crime in the United States), officers must respond and react quickly. However, as experienced by Crystal’s fam…