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A Tale of Two Koreas: A Native-Korean's Perspective

An Editorial By Garrett Shiflet
The year was 1945, and the Second World War came to a vaporizing nuclear close. After 6 years, of the worst atrocities orchestrated in human history ranging from the Rape of Nanking to the Holocaust and the ferocious unrelenting total war that left Europe in ruins, the world breathed the air of peace. The Allied powers victorious, went to dividing up the spoils. Thousands of miles needed to be occupied and be restructured entirely and it at this moment another war began: The Cold War. Like Hegelian Dialectics, there is a thesis, its antithesis (its opposite) which battle it out until it achieves synthesis (equilibrium) to an idea. Bolshevik Communism and Western Capitalism had destroyed Fascism together yet now they stared down at each other at a place like at Berlin, opposites to each other. The enemy was crushed, now the enemy of the enemy was no more, a wartime friendship turned sour. It is from this that in 1945, the occupation of a small Asian penin…