Universal's Newest Park, Volcano Bay, is set to Open in May

By Emily Schmidt

As Floridians, there is nothing more that we love than sunshine and amusement parks. Volcano Bay is Universal’s new water park that’s taking its home at the heart of I-4. The new park will have over 10 state of the art rides that vary from water roller coasters to a lazy river that’s full of surprises. This park has activities for the whole family.

But perhaps the most enticing part of the brand new waterpark is the brand new technology that comes along with it. There’s nothing more annoying than having to carry those pesky rafts up 4 flights of stairs in order to enjoy the ride. Volcano Bay has made it a goal to avoid making its guests out of breath before the ride even starts. Dale Mason, Vice president and executive art director for Universal Creative, sat down with Orlando Sentinel and explained how the float movement would work, “[t]here are magnets built into the track, so by sequencing the magnets, you actually pull the vehicle through the climbing portions of the attraction.”

With the opening of this huge new expansion for Universal, the company will have to hire nearly 1,700 people, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Jobs will vary from food service to parking, and of course, lifeguards will be needed. Over 400 lifeguards will be hired in order to help keep the park stay afloat. This is a great thing to happen to Orlando and it’s something that can seriously benefit the students of Lake Sumter. On one hand, you will be able to enjoy a brand new theme park that’s located right in our backyard, on the other; you can even seek employment. Either way, both of these options will leave you with a killer tan. The grand opening of Volcano Bay is scheduled for May 25th.

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