Students Unite to Ignite Social Rights

       By Aaron Hansen
       Since the contentious 2016 election, young people all over the nation have been seeking ways to have their voices heard and much of that has resulted in political activism across college campuses.
Most recently, the University of Florida held a multi-media theatre piece called, “Voices from the March” which was put on by the UF College of the Arts, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and the UF Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research.
        Created from oral history narratives from the Women’s March on Washington along with the students responsible for documenting those that participated, Voices from the March was directed by Jeffrey Pufahl.
       A current student and a former student went on Saturday, January 27th and saw this theatre experience.
       “I loved it. It not only inspired me to participate in marches for social justice, it inspired me as an actor to put my all into our current plays. There was a very positive, non-judgmental atmosphere about it,” remarked Owen Tavares-Olivier, former LSSC Student. “It was probably one of the most liberating things I’ve ever experienced.”
    “It brought back my love of fighting for social justice and human rights. It was inspiring to see people of all different backgrounds come together to take a stand on something they all agreed and believed in,” gushed Kennedy Anthony, current LSSC student.
       As students seek representation in society today and work to create the world they want to see, demonstrations and innovative performances telling the stories of people will only continue to grow in number and in audience.
      To find out more about political activism on the Lake-Sumter campuses, we suggest checking out a meeting of the College Democrats or Republicans or reach out the Student Government Association (SGA ) on any campus and see how you can get involved!
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