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Never Forgotten: A Remembrance to those Wounded

Never Forgotten: A Remembrance to those Wounded By Makou Lin
As law enforcement officers continue to protect the community and Lake Sumter State College, they risk their lives to ensure a safe environment. But, who protects the officers when they, themselves, fall, become wounded, or unable to serve? Created by officers for officers, the Wounded Officers Initiative is a non-profit public organization who seeks to develop and establish national programs to “address the long-term needs of wounded law enforcement officers whose line of duty injuries have prevented them from continuing their law enforcement careers” (Mission).
Crystal Pierce, a local supporter of the Wounded Officers Initiative and a LSSC student, knows how dangerous the law enforcement field is and how important it is to support our officers. With violent crimes occurring every 25 seconds in the United States (2016 Crime in the United States), officers must respond and react quickly. However, as experienced by Crystal’s fam…
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School Shooting Crisis: An LSSC Student's Perspective

School Shooting Crisis: An LSSC Student’s Perspective Opinion by David Housley
The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was horrifying. When I heard the news, my first reaction was, “How did this happen?”In seven minutes, a 19-year-old man managed to fatally shoot 17 people and wound 14 more with an assault rifle. Why was the shooter not stopped sooner? School districts need a drastic increase in funding to ensure students are safe from harm, because no parent should ever receive a text message from their child at school saying, “If I don’t make it I love you and I appreciated everything you did for me.”
As an LSSC student-parent, I fear for my children’s future. The shooting at Douglas High marked the eighteenth school shooting in 2018, while in 2017 there were only seven school shootings by February. The increase is alarming, and students, parents and teachers should not have to fear for their lives. LSSC has taken matters into their own hands by teaming up with ALICE Train…

A Tale of Two Koreas: A Native-Korean's Perspective

An Editorial By Garrett Shiflet
The year was 1945, and the Second World War came to a vaporizing nuclear close. After 6 years, of the worst atrocities orchestrated in human history ranging from the Rape of Nanking to the Holocaust and the ferocious unrelenting total war that left Europe in ruins, the world breathed the air of peace. The Allied powers victorious, went to dividing up the spoils. Thousands of miles needed to be occupied and be restructured entirely and it at this moment another war began: The Cold War. Like Hegelian Dialectics, there is a thesis, its antithesis (its opposite) which battle it out until it achieves synthesis (equilibrium) to an idea. Bolshevik Communism and Western Capitalism had destroyed Fascism together yet now they stared down at each other at a place like at Berlin, opposites to each other. The enemy was crushed, now the enemy of the enemy was no more, a wartime friendship turned sour. It is from this that in 1945, the occupation of a small Asian penin…

How to Pick the Ripest Watermelon

How to Pick the Ripest Watermelon                          By Makou Lin          As Lake-Sumter College finishes off a new spring semester, the summer heat quickly approaches. Staying hydrated and cool will be on every LSSC student’s priority list. What better way to do so than picking a ripe, juicy watermelon!
Essentially, picking the ripest watermelon is key in beating the summer heat and enjoying the season. Here’s some tips to find the juiciest watermelon around:
        Tip 1) Avoid the Pre-Cuts.
Reducing the usage of non-biodegradable plastics, by avoiding pre-cuts, helps the planet stay green and pollutant-free. While earning more for each buck, as pre-cuts are more expensive compared to buying whole watermelon. The cost for buying pre-cuts is not worth it!
         Tip 2) Flick the Watermelon.
One of the most important tips to watermelon picking is listening. Watermelons have this unique sound that vibrates its ripest. By gently flicking the rind (hard outer surface)…

From Parent to Student: A Father's Experience at LSSC

By David Housley

It’s no secret, college can be overwhelming for anyone. Most students at LSSC are employed while taking multiple classes. They then dedicate a few hours each night to studying which consumes the scarce amount of free time they have left. If any student allows even a single day of procrastination, there will be a snowball effect. This effect will cause an inevitable pileup of homework. Consequently, adding young children to the mix turns college life into a high-stakes balancing act, stretching students to their limits. As a parent, I can relate to those students firsthand and sympathize with all the unexpected but costly incidences that occur because of parenthood.
I’ve been a student at LSSC since January 2017. Since first enrolling, I’ve had the additional responsibilities of fatherhood; working full-time and helping my wife raise our two boys who are now three years old and seven months old. While it is not uncommon for LSSC students to have a job, I can say with con…

America’s Farwell To Arms? Molon Labe : A Pro-Gun Editorial

By Garrett Shiflet
In the aftermath of the horrific Parkland shooting, a student-led gun control group has sprung up, vilifying the NRA for lobbying politicians and attacking the private ownership of firearms in general. And whilst I find their activism understandable after going through a traumatic event, it is their beliefs and policies that have made many draw lines in the sand for the upcoming debate and legislation. However, in my perspective, I see that the gun control proposed by these student activists are not what America needs to lessen the bloody death toll of the United States’ shooting problem and are in grave violation of impending on the 2nd Amendment rights of United States citizens which as I will explain why I hold this position.
Let me clear, I’m no AR-15 totting Rambo-wannabe, but another American gunowner who sees a slippery slope that will not end until our 2nd Amendment rights have been revoked, and the very principle for why we even have such a right will be rev…

Students Unite to Ignite Social Rights

By Aaron Hansen        Since the contentious 2016 election, young people all over the nation have been seeking ways to have their voices heard and much of that has resulted in political activism across college campuses.
Most recently, the University of Florida held a multi-media theatre piece called, “Voices from the March” which was put on by the UF College of the Arts, the Samuel Proctor Oral History Program and the UF Center for Gender, Sexualities and Women’s Studies Research.
        Created from oral history narratives from the Women’s March on Washington along with the students responsible for documenting those that participated, Voices from the March was directed by Jeffrey Pufahl.
       A current student and a former student went on Saturday, January 27th and saw this theatre experience.
       “I loved it. It not only inspired me to participate in marches for social justice, it inspired me as an actor to put my all into our current plays. There was a very positive…