LSSC Has a New Mascot

By David Housley

Lake Sumter State College was established in 1962, and for the first time since then, it’s finally getting a mascot! Dr. Claire Brady, Vice President of Enrollment and Student Affairs, confirmed that LSSC’s new mascot is a he, and LakeHawks will have the chance to meet him at each campus starting in April! The dates are:
·      Sumter Center: Monday, April 1
·      Leesburg Campus: Wednesday, April 3

·      South Lake Campus: Thursday, April 4

LakeHawks were given the chance to vote on his name in a survey. More than 800 students participated, and in a video sent to all of LSSC his name was revealed: Swoop! Dr. Brady was kind enough to provide The Angler with a digital rendering of Swoop:

He’s going to be the face of LSSC, and will make appearances at sporting events, on-campus events, and even local community events. Students who are interested in being Swoop can soon apply for the position and will be rewarded for their efforts.

Dr. Brady told The Angler that creating the mascot was a fun and intricate process, and the team in charge of the mascot program worked tirelessly to make it happen. After Swoop appears on campus next week, The Angler will be publishing a detailed story on his creation!

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