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The Angler is Lake Sumter State College's student news source

Questions, comments, and freelance submissions are welcome and can be sent to


Print copies are available in racks on each campus:
  • Leesburg: Student Center, FA, LA, SS, Library, Learning Center, HSC, M, and S&M Buildings
  • South Lake: Library, Hallway by bookstore/cafeteria, Bldg. 1&2, Student Lounge, Front Lobbies
  • Sumter: Library & Lobby 

The purpose of The Angler is the following: 
  1. To disseminate news of interest to Lake Sumter State College with students comprising the primary target audience.
  2. To serve as a hands-on teaching laboratory for the reporting and editorial staff of the newspaper.

    Getting involved with The Angler...
    • Writers/Photographers: students who would like to submit columns, features, and photos/cartoons for publication should email All submissions will be considered, but publication is not guaranteed and is based on Editor review. There are scholarships available for eligible students, who will regularly contribute stories to The Angler. 
    • Editorial Staff: students may apply to editor positions in the areas of editorial, graphic design, photography, and online. Editors receive a scholarship and can earn practicum credit.

    The Angler (print version)
    The Angler is published monthly during the fall and spring terms (average of five issues per semester).  Issues are typically 12 pages with color on pages 1, 6, 7 and 12.  Production is completed by The Angler student staff from reporting and photography through production to distribution.

    The Angler (online version)
    The Angler online is updated weekly during the fall and spring and allows the opportunity for reader feedback and comments. 

    News Coverage:
    News coverage focuses on events, issues and concerns of interest to LSCC students, faculty and staff.  The editor, guided by the principles of news value and responsible journalism, has the authority to determine the contents of The Angler. Staff welcomes ideas for stories and photos from students, faculty, staff and others in the community and will print news deemed valuable when space permits.

    Opinions expressed on the editorial pages of The Angler do not necessarily reflect those of other newspaper staff, other students, faculty, staff or administration of the college.

    Letters to the Editor:
    The Angler encourages letters to the editor from readers. Letters may be edited to correct grammar and spelling problems or to eliminate libelous statements. Letters should be no more than 250 words.  If a letter exceeds the word limit, the editor may either print it as written or return it to the writer for editing down to 250 words.  Newspaper staff members will not edit a letter to make it fit length requirements. Letters to the editor must be signed and include contact details so the writer can be reached for verification. Unsigned letters and those where authorship cannot be verified will not be printed. Anonymous letters will not be published.  The editor reserves the right of refuse to print a letter which is libelous, commercial, proselytizing or in poor taste, as determined by the editor.

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    By: Sarah Oulman
    CLERMONT, Florida – Aldon Baker, one of the most well-known and successful trainers within the Supercross community, is currently training several of the sport’s top riders at his facility, which is located in the Clermont area. In an interview at this training facility, Baker gave a glimpse into what it is actually like to train these professional riders.             When I asked Baker about his journey to becoming a trainer in his field, he explained that he initially trained individuals, specifically bicyclists, using cardio and strength conditioning techniques. Baker’s cycling career brought him from his home in South Africa to America, and once in the United States, the brand Oakley steered him towards working with motorcycles.             Baker also explained that his elite training program did not come together quickly. According to the celebrity trainer, “The [conditioning and training] developed over time… It took 17 years to create the full training package”. …

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    Lake Sumter State College is a school that upholds professionalism, along with friendly staff members that treats the student body with respect and understanding. However, in the past semester, the faculty and students have begun to wonder if the school is getting too professional. The administration staff is beginning to make strict rules regarding student activities and the college as a whole. One of the new rules involves pizza delivery vehicles to show their car insurance when they deliver pizzas for student events.
    Lake Sumter’s SGA officers had a few words to speak about this current situation. South Lake’s SGA President, Kaitlin Canterbury, stated, “This new administration has shut down Leesburg’s most popular Halloween House event. This was done under the claim that an inflatable is too much of a liability. However, Leesburg has seamlessly pulled of this event for the past eight years. Later, students performing in Leesburg SGA’s Battle of the Bands were required to carry ins…