New and Improved: Student Lounge

New and Improved: Student Lounge
By: Makou Lin

The Student Lounge is a place for student to gather and socialize.
     Ready, Set, Go! Whether you are normally hyped or really bummed out, the Student Government Association of Lake-Sumter State College understands your mixed feelings. Without the voices of you, the students, SGA would not be active nor been able to pull off this total renovation of LSSC’s Student Lounge (South Lake Campus) for the Fall semester. Because of the rising number of students, SGA understands the growing need to accommodate more students in the Student Lounge. If you do not know what or where the Student Lounge is, it is about time to come and visit the place in Building 2 (Room 113). A space reserved just for students and peers to socialize and have a good time.

A trio of friends enjoying ping-pong

     The Student Lounge, in its simplest form, could be described as a place for students to meet, but it is much more than that. It is a vision for students to enjoy their time in college; by meeting new friends, catching up with old pals, or relaxing under the A/C. Whatever it may be, the Student Lounge is equipped to handle their needs. Thanks to the SGA, the renovation of the Student Lounge is here to help relieve stress in the demanding student life. The development of the renovation features: expanded lounge space, increased number of furniture, and the revival of various table games.

A match of pool between friends 
     Due to the renovation of the Student Lounge, the SGA and the Student Life Manager offices will be moved. The new SGA office is still connected and accessible from the Student Lounge. The Student Life Manager’s office will be removed from the Student Lounge and relocated to a separate room (next to the SGA office), leaving behind more lounge space. The expanded lounge space will accommodate a greater number of students and furniture, with its newly installed flooring. The Student Lounge will contain several more worktables, couches, and workstations; fully equipped with power outlets and numerous seats. Furthermore, the Student Lounge will include various games from before; such as pool, ping-pong, and several other board games.

Just chilling
     With the coming completion of the Student Lounge at the end of the Fall semester, all the curiosity and excitement will be worth the wait. Imagine a room located in the center of the South-Lake campus (in Building 2, 1st Floor Room 113), reserved just for students and peers alike to enjoy a relaxing atmosphere filled with spirit and connection. From a hard day’s work of sitting in class, doing homework, or cramming for a test. Come and feel what it is like to be chilling in the lounge.

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