4 Things LakeHawks Need to Know This Fall

4 Things LakeHawks Need to Know This Fall
By David Housley

Most LSSC students will admit that the beginning of a semester is stressful, and it’s even worse for new LakeHawks. Some students begin their first year with guidance from advisors and friends, while others are jumping in after being out of school for years. Luckily, LSSC’s faculty and returning students are willing to help new students who need it. Let’s discuss 4 things that every LakeHawk, new or returning, should know this Fall.

1. Handle financial aid before classes start
Tackling the FAFSA is time-consuming and stressful; there are several documents the financial aid office needs in order to determine if students are eligible for assistance. LSSC students should start their forms in advance to make sure tuition is paid for because they might be withdrawn from their registered classes if the payment deadline is missed. LSSC students should always seek help from the financial aid office to ensure all requirements are met. For LakeHawks in Leesburg, the financial aid office is located in the Student Services Building, Room 101. The contact number for their office is (352) 365-3567. For LakeHawks in South Lake, their office is located in Building 2, Room 149. Their phone number is (352) 536-2157.  Students may also reach them via email at FinAidEmail@lssc.edu.

2. Where to get a parking decal
LSSC students are required to have a white parking decal for their vehicle(s) in order to park on campus. LSSC’s faculty is lenient during the first few weeks of classes, however, as things settle down, students may receive fees for parking on campus without a decal. To get a parking decal stop by Student Services, Building 2, Main Office for South Lake and the Student Services Building for Leesburg, and fill out a short form. Be sure to have the vehicle’s license plate number, year, make, and model before filling out the form. Students will receive their decals immediately.

3. Career Development Services for job preparation
Career Development Services (CDS) is a program that assists LakeHawks with a variety of career-related services, such as choosing the right major based off career interests, networking advice, tips for interviews, writing a cover letter and resume that stands out, and much more. CDS is available on all three campuses; students can meet with a Career Advisor by contacting the CDS office at (352) 323-3603 or schedule an appointment through Starfish.

4. Where to find jobs on campus
LSSC provides on-campus job opportunities for students who qualify through the Work Study Program. The program is run by Financial Aid Office Administers and is designed to help students who need help paying for college expenses. Students have the opportunity to work as CIT Assistants, Tutors, Library Assistants, and even community service positions. The option to sign up for Work Study is on the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). For additional details, visit LSSC’s Financial Aid Site or reach out to one of the Financial Aid Administers.

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