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Dual Enrollment Conundrum

By Garrett Shiflet

      Dual enrollment students, high school students jumpstarting their college education at Lake Sumter State College. But the question remains where you would take it? Your options are simple, at the high school or at the college. However, keep in mind, dual enrollment at Lake-Sumter campuses can be rewarding experience especially at the campuses with diverse students, excellent faculty, and flexible options.
      Dual enrollment offers many opportunities to meet and acquainted yourself with many different peers. You’re going to be getting acquainted with numerous new peers of varying origins of the counties of Lake and Sumter as well as adult students. In fact, in Spring 2017; according to the Dual Enrollment Research Review, 958 students enrolled total in dual enrollment so you’ll meet plenty at the campus you attend. Students like Sabrina Hilbert who said of her dual enrollment experience so far, “Overall it was just what I expected of higher educational institution. There was an air of courtesy and dignity when I first walked on campus”. Such new liberties are found to be uplifting to many like Sabrina with more mature speech to students and ability to speak openly about issues you feel need discussion, appeal criticism, and creating an open forum where your speech can blossom.  In all you’re getting a taste of Lake-Sumter State College experiencing the flavors, aromas, and sights of the campuses by taking class on-campus which involves having a large and vocal student body.
        This is a great opportunity to meet the members of Lake-Sumter State College’s faculty as if you plan to enroll you already have a great advantage of prior involvement and begin building a network of helpful staff that can prove useful later as you progress after high school. Opportunities persist throughout campus as you can begin to get involved in campus activities, learn about events, and discuss improvement of your skills with professors. The understanding of professors and dual enrollment students is a great importance even that current returning dual enrollment student Hope Jones said on the matter, “The professors understand the students’ situation of being enrolled in both high school and college and take interest in helping students”. Though even high school dual enrollment has great teacher and student involvement as spoken for by former-dual enrollment student and currently enrolled student, Brandon Clark; “There was lots of one on one help with the teacher in my dual enrollment classes every day and teamwork with classmates”. Perhaps therefore it’s a contributing factor to the success rates in Fall 2016 being 100% for DE students from Sumter County and 99.94% for Lake County schools proving it’s a successful venture for anyone with the want to and drive to.
      Lake-Sumter runs on flexible schedule for its students with options personalized for you thus any problem with on-campus dual enrollment can be mitigated. By taking on-campus dual enrollment that means getting up for classes and driving to them costing gas and money, a problem for some like Brandon Clark as, “Lesser travel back and forth since I can just go to the high school”. However, the high schools do offer busing to campus to allow you to take on-campus dual enrollment so travel expense can be lessened. Not only this but Lake-Sumter can be flexible to your schedule such as if you’re a night owl you can easily take night classes on-campus or even online.
       Truly your options at Lake Sumter are endless and dual enrollment provides an excellent opportunity. For further information about Lake Sumter State College and its classes consult our staff of academic advisors for dual enrollment such as Leesburg’s Melissa Villafane reachable at (352)-365-3574, Sumterville’s Kelly Hickmon at (352)-568-0001, and South Lake’s Kristine Valentine at (352)-536-2282. For further information visit And if you have advise; as a current or past dual enrollment student or a Lake-Sumter full-time; for future and current dual enrollment please contact The Angler at


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