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Dual Enrollment Students Want More Campus Life

By Kelsey Griggs

Lake Sumter State College offers qualifying high school students an early feel for college life through Dual Enrollment, but do the Dual Enrollment students at LSSC feel like a part of the college community? Many Dual Enrollment students split their time between campuses, leaving them unable to participate in some campus events or clubs.

Matthew Devernoe, a Dual Enrollment student, says he only really goes on campus for classes. “I think, as a Dual Enrollment student, it’s just not my place in those activities and groups.” Another Dual Enrollment student, Carina Vitale, feels her split time hinders her ability to participate in campus activities. “Our high school schedule can conflict with the times of clubs and activities.” She also feels as though Dual Enrollment students’ opinions aren’t always seen as valuable due to their age. As a student body and as a school, it is important that we cater to all of our students’ needs and make everyone feel welcome. Dual Enrollment students are an imperative part of the LSSC community, and with a little bit of work, they can surely become more involved in the excitement of campus life.


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