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Be a Valentine's Day Dream Beau

By:Joshua Lebron

Valentine's Day is a day many guys around the world struggle with every year. This year I'm here to help you with that. Here are two ideas from myself and two interviews from female students here at Lake Sumter.

1. The first date idea is for girls who aren’t into new and crazy stuff. Instead of going to an expensive restaurant, find a nice open field, bring a blanket, some bug spray, a picnic basket full of all her favorite foods and drinks, and spend the night talking and stargazing, just the two of you!

2. This second date idea is for a guy who really wants to show off his romantic side. Find out the one place in the world your girlfriend wants to travel to. Then, decorate your home or dining room in the style of the place she wants to visit. For decoration ideas try craft stores. Then for the food follow a recipe from that region. You can even have music from the area she wants to travel to playing the background for ambiance! This idea would take more time and effort than others but your girlfriend will see just how romantic you are!

If neither of those ideas go your way let me offer some insight from girls here at Lake Sumter.

One student expressed herself as a lover of conventional dates and wouldn't mind a Valentine's Day just spent with her and her boyfriend. She said she would enjoy a nice movie date at home.

Another student expressed the same. She enjoys dates on the more conventional side but as long as they both enjoy it, it's good enough for her. She said she would enjoy a nice date in the city so both she and her boyfriend can do things they enjoy.


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