A Look Into Self-Esteem

By Rachel Ilardi

Worthless. Unlovable. Not enough.

These are words women who struggle with insecurity hear every day. Non-stop. And it is breaking us. To make matters worse, our generation’s constant use of social media perpetuates these lies against women, as many students at the South Lake campus confirmed.

Alyssa, a Junior at the South Lake campus, stated that “people change themselves to be liked and to get likes on social media.” It is common knowledge online that the edgier or sexier the picture, the more likes it acquires. We measure ourselves in comparison to what we see. According to Chloe, a graduating senior at the South Lake campus, “We compare another person’s best trait to our worst, so we diminish ourselves in one thought.”

What’s the solution? We need to understand that as women, there is an inherent value with in us, given at birth. “That our beauty comes from within and shouldn’t be externally judged,” to quote freshmen Sally and Donna, who recently returned to college. We can be ourselves. Brave. Brilliant. Beautiful. And to the men, treat all women in this fashion. Let’s build each other up and respect one another.

Join me at The Lovely Project Experience on February 4th. I can personally tell you it is the most incredible local event I have ever seen. Have you felt worthless? Unloved? Not enough? I understand because I have been there myself. Come. It will change your life. This event is free for ages 11-19 and $25 for women ages 20 and up! The Lovely Project Experience: February 4, 2017 9am-2pm 5495 Clarcona-Ocoee Road, Orlando, FL, 32810 To register, go to http://wearelovely.com/

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